Alex Proyas to Direct the Tech Thriller AMPED

Robopocalypse author Daniel H. Wilson is making a deal with Working Title Films to adapt his technological thriller Amped as a feature film. Dark City director Alex Proyas has signed on to direct the film, which is set in the near future. The story imagines a world where nanotech-enhanced people and ordinary humans are at war with one another.  

Summit Entertainment previously held the rights but never did anything with it, so now Working Title will have a chance to take it on. It sounds like it could be a pretty cool movie! The story definitely seems to fit Proyas' imagination and style. 

Wilson's Robopocalypse is set to be adapted by Steven Spielberg and is scheduled to be released in summer 2014.

Here's the description of the book:

Technology makes them superhuman. But mere mortals want them kept in their place. The New York Times bestselling author of Robopocalypse creates a stunning, near-future world where technology and humanity clash in surprising ways. The result? The perfect summer blockbuster.

As he did in Robopocalypse, Daniel Wilson masterfully envisions a frightening near-future world. In Amped, people are implanted with a device that makes them capable of superhuman feats. The powerful technology has profound consequences for society, and soon a set of laws is passed that restricts the abilities—and rights—of "amplified" humans. On the day that the Supreme Court passes the first of these laws, twenty-nine-year-old Owen Gray joins the ranks of a new persecuted underclass known as "amps." Owen is forced to go on the run, desperate to reach an outpost in Oklahoma where, it is rumored, a group of the most enhanced amps may be about to change the world—or destroy it.

Have any of you read the book? If so, do you think Proyas is a good director to bring it to life?