Jon Heder Can Still Do The Napoleon Dynamite Dance

Napoleon Dynamite was a small film that took pop culture by storm in 2005. The film's stupid yet hilarious humor struck a cord with teenagers. The film led to Jon Heder landing roles in films like Just Like Heaven, Monster House, School for Scoundrels, and Blades of Glory. Heder recently reprised his title role in the animated series adapation of Napoleon Dynamite (created by Jared Hess, the film's director). He was joined by the entire cast of the original film. It ran for a few months on FOX before it was canceled due to low ratings.

The most memorable scene in the film is when Napoleon breaks into a skilled dance routine (to the tune of "Canned Heat") to help his friend Pedro. Still, all these years later, Heder was trained so well that he can actually replicate the dance even today. Attending a public screening of Napoleon Dynamite, Heder was filmed doing the dance alongside the film.

Is this cool or what?

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