STAR WARS Trilogy Minimalist Poster Art

Here's a series of new Star Wars minimalist poster art for the original trilogy: A New hope, The Empire Strikes Back and The Retun of the Jedi. The set was created by Etsy user Ryan McArthur, and here are the details,

Iconic is the only word to describe them. The infamous trilogy has hyperdrived its way into our homes and hearts across the world. Whether it's through its movies, toys, games, or even Art Prints, the movies are loved everywhere. 

First Drawn by hand and then illustrated digitally, these 12"x16" prints are beautifully crafted with the utmost attention to detail. I strive to produce work that everyone will enjoy. Hang these prints in your home next your Son or Daughters Crib, or beside your big screen TV in your 'Man Den'. These prints are for everyone!

Check out the posters, and if you want to buy yourself a print it'll run you about $40 each

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