Will Boba Fett Appear In The Next Series of STAR WARS Films? It's Possible!!!

With all the Star Wars news pumping out, I can't help but think about all the characters that were lost in the movies that I will miss in the upcoming films. Yoda, Darth Maul, Jabba The Hutt...all these characters have held a special place in our hearts and have even been given side stories in the expansive universe. Boba Fett is arguably the most famous of these examples...or is he?

We all know that after successfully delivering Han Solo to Jabba The Hutt, Fett went on to fight in the epic battle that ensued only to meet an untimely end at the hands of the Sarlacc due to an accidental rocket malfunction induced by a blind Solo.

In one fell swoop, the galaxy's most celebrated and feared bounty hunter was reduced to nothing more than a brief comical gag. How could that happen to such a fearsome warrior? Undone by an accidental poke and forced to accept his fate in the digestive system of a mouth in the sand?! Doesn't sound like the character he was made out to be...and it wasn't.

In the books, it is revealed that Boba Fett battles his way out of the Sarlacc (which is easier said than done) and returns to what he does best...bounty hunting. Fast forward a little bit past a promise to a dying friend and a war or two later and BOOM! Fett is fighting alongside the New Republic against an invading army that he was once a part of. So yes, Boba Fett eventually becomes a good guy which means there is some possibility of him having at least a cameo in the new series, but if the writers are going to work on an adaptation of the tales of Luke Skywalker after Episode VI....

This means that there will likely be some training of the jedi children of Han and Leia, which leads me to believe Fett could have a much larger role that would fill the role of the bad ass Yoda-type mentor, making fans salivate to no end. If things head the way the books intended, Boba Fett could serve as the master to the daughter of Han and Leia, Jaina. 

So could we see a possible reuniting of two old foes on a friendlier ground? It's too soon to tell, but if I were a betting man...I'd say it's a sure thing. If it's not, let's make it known that this is what we want!


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