IRON MAN 3 - Spoiler Details Revealed for Armor Arsenal

Simon Philips, the President of Marvel Entertainment International, recently attended a presentation in São Paulo. It was there he unloaded some very cool spoiler details for Shane Black's Iron Man 3. I suggest you turn back now if you're trying to shield yourself from any more information from the film because I'm going to jump right into it! The following information comes from Omelete, and it gives us some awesome details about Tony Stark's armor arsenal, and it sounds like Pepper Potts will get her own armor!

The big surprise was that Tony Stark may combine bits of their armor, making custom configurations. Arms with the Mark I and Mark II breastplate of head Mark III, for example. But the superhero arsenal includes much more than that, since the underground tank armor it will be significantly higher than in the previous films, with at least 16 new (and we can expect some classic visuals of comics in the middle)!

This manipulation of distance pieces will be possible thanks to technology Extremis, which is deployed in Tony Stark in the surgery scene that appears in the trailer.

The presentation also revealed that Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow ) also wear their own armor. Remember that in the comics, Tony saved his beloved from a fate similar to his - the shrapnel threatening heart - giving her an armor called Redemption.

The more I hear and see from this movie the better it gets! I love where they are going with this! I can't freakin' wait for Iron Man 3! I also just want to point out that there's a scene in the trailer where one of the Iron Man suits is crouched over Tony Stark, someone is obviously in the suit... Pepper?

What do you think about the latest information on the armor technology that Stark will have in this next chapter of the story?

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