McG Set to Direct MAGIC CASTLE

Movie McG by Joey Paur

Not long ago we learned that a movie was going to be made based on Hollywood's legendary Magic Castle. Terminator Salvation director McG has come on board to bring this movie to life. He's definitely not my first choice. I'm not the biggest fan of McG -- although, I surprisingly liked his last film This Means War

The script is being written by Andrew Barrer and Gabe Ferrari, but as of right now there are no details on the story. As I said before, I imagine it will be some kind of supernatural film, maybe somewhere along the lines of Disney's Haunted Mansion and Night of the Museum... only based around magic, and hopefully it will end up being a hell of a lot better! 

The Magic Castle is one of my favorite places to go for entertainment, so as a fan I really hope the movie turns out being worthy of the historic club. McG is currently directing the Kevin Costner film Three Days to Kill, once he's done with that he'll get to work on the Magic Castle project.

Have you ever been to The Magic Castle? If so, what is your favorite part? What do you think about McG directing the film?

Here's a little history behind the castle:

The Academy of Magical Arts was first begun by William Larsen in 1952 in conjunction with an independent magazine of magic, Genii, of which all the subscribers became instant members. William Larsen, Sr. died at the age of 48 in 1955. His wife and older son, Bill Jr. continued the printing of the magazine but the "Academy" lacked any formal structure or organization and the concept did not flourish. In 1962 William Larsen's younger son, Milt, undertook the job of leasing and restoring an ornately styled, 1909 mansion in Hollywood, California and turning it into a meeting place for magicians which he called the "Magic Castle." As part of their plan to revive the Academy and locate it in the "Magic Castle" William Larsen, Jr. filed articles of incorporation and created a nonprofit corporation, in 1962. The Magic Castle opened its doors in January, 1963 as the home of the Academy of Magical Arts, Inc. From an initial membership of 50, the Academy has grown to a worldwide membership of over 5,000 today.

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