Kitty Pryde & Lockheed Phase In Courtesy of Kotobukiya

It's that time again. The time when Kotobukiya shows off the latest statue in their Marvel Bishoujo line. For this entry Koto focused on everyone's favorite phaser extraordinaire Kitty Pryde. Even better is how they threw in Kitty's dragon pal Lockheed (for more on the little purple guy check out his bio here). Kitty has one of the more conservative costumes featured in the line thus far, and I actually kind of dig that. Not every statue or character needs to be pouring out of their costume.

While that's great in its own right, the costume itself is a bit dull. That's not Koto's fault, that's just the hands they were dealt. Personally I think it needs that little something extra to get me to open up my wallet. The paint application is stellar as always, but the colors themselves are dull (with the red belt being the main exception). I would love to see some visual representation of her phasing ability. Something along the same lines as what they did with the Invisible Woman statue earlier in the line. Even if it was something going through her, just that little touch of personality and character specific flare. Again, its well done and everything from the paint and sculpt is top notch, but for me there's just a bit of specialness (is that a word?) missing. Just my two cents though, so if you disagree (or agree) make sure to let me know in the comments or on twitter @KnightofOA.

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