Klingons Confirmed for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS and More!

Some more footage of Star Trek Into Darkness was screened for select members of the press, and there's a couple bits of new information that I'm sure fans would love to know! First, it's been confirmed that Klingons will for sure be a part of the movie, which is something I already thought was confirmed. But, a second confirmation from some recently screened footage won't hurt. The second part is that Alice Eve's role has finally been revealed to be Carol Marcus, Kirk's love interest and the mother of Kirk's son David in the original story line. Not sure if this sequel will follow that background, but we'll see.

This is some exciting news, and it will be interesting to see what role the Klingon's will play in the story. They were originally supposed to be in the first film, but they got the cut. I love the look of Abrams' Klingon designs that have previously been released. Click here to see the previously released image of a Klingon that was believed to be from the sequel. 

Here's a series of tweets from silaslesnick's twitter feed:

The movie hits theaters on May 17th, 2013!

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