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Scarlett Johansson in The Avengers Looks Like Uma Thurman In The Avengers...


What are the odds that two female actresses who are primarily blondes dye their hair red for a movie, don a black jumpsuit, and star in a movie titled The Avengers and it not be a remake? I have no clue, and I suck at math, but I thought this was a pretty awesome similarity I recently found going through DVD's over the weekend. Mind you Scarlett Johansson's belt is a little more low key than the light heavyweight title Thurman is rocking across her hips, but that's not the point. Now I've never seen the 1998 movie titled The Avengers, but a quick synopsis and RT score of 16% makes me think that asking which movie you think is better is a no contest response. So... who do you think looks better? 2012 Johansson or 1998 Thurman? 

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