DreamWorks' Time Travel Film GLIMMER Gets a Director

DreamWorks has hired commercial director Ringan Ledwidge to direct their micro-budget sci-fi time travel thriller Glimmer. The story follows "a group of teens who discover a portal to the past. When one of them changes history, the effects start to snowball with tragic consequences."

As you can see there's a little mix of Chronicle and Back to the Future in there. Or even The Simpsons, remember when Homer had the time-travel toaster? I guess people will never learn when they go back in time not to touch or interact with anything. Hopefully it turns out to be a cool movie! Here's some more detailed info from scriptshadow,

Set in the small town of Hopewell, PA around a group of teenagers on the verge of graduation. There’s Tyler, an upper-tier nerd, his best friend Ben, a lower-tier nerd who believes he’s upper-teir, Mike, a preppy stud who’s friends with these two for reasons that are never explained, and his super hot girlfriend, Casey Lee. Joining the group later is Allison, the classic All-American girl unaware of her beauty, and longtime obsession of Ben.

Because school life doesn’t have much to offer these misfits, they’ve planned a little weekend getaway to the nearby forest, which word has it is haunted. Over the years, many people have disappeared into this forest, as we see on the opening page, where a picture shows a “missing persons” cork board.

Anyway, the five camp out the first night, have a hell of a time, but when Tyler and Allison wake up the next morning, everyone else is gone. They search high and low, but can’t find them anywhere. AND they seem to have taken Tyler’s video camera! 

You can see where the story is headed. Here's a couple of commercials that Ledwidge has directed to give you a sense of his style which is very heartfelt. The movie will start shooting next year in 2013. 

Barnardo's 'Life Story' - Ringan Ledwidge from Rattling Stick on Vimeo.