Holiday Geekery - Link and Zelda Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas trees are already one of the weirdest things when you think about it, and then people go and add some lame-ass ornaments that contain pictures of their family or some other sentimental nonsense. What you should really be adding to the tree are pictures of your favorite comic book characters or old SNES cartridges. Yeah, time to spruce up the holiday with some nerdy stuff instead of Grandma. 'nah mean?

Thankfully you can get a start on sabotaging your tree with ornaments that have both Link and Zelda painted on them. GingerPots was nice enough to craft these beauties. Here is an excerpt from their page:

Inspired by the classic original Legend of Zelda game, this ornament set features series hero Link and Princess Zelda. Hand-painted on 2 1/2 inch glass ball ornaments. A metallic gold paint was used for the base color. Classic 8-bit style!

This item is currently sold out, but we are taking orders on a made-to-order basis. They may take around a week to compete and ship.

Other video game and cartoon-related ornaments available upon request, if possible, old school or new! From Mega Man to Halo to Angry Birds, we're open to anything!

Note: If you choose Angry Birds, you're a bad person.

The set will cost you $30 plus shipping but you have to do something to get those other silly ornaments off the tree, right?

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