Amazing HOBBIT and LORD OF THE RINGS T-Shirt Collection

BuzzFeed put together a list of the 33 Best Hobbit and Lord of the Rings T-Shirts recently. Here are some of my favorites from the bunch. I wonder how many of these I'll see at screenings for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Designed by Famous After Death Via:

Designer Unknown Via:

Designed by Daniel Sotomayor


Designed by In Stank We Trust Via:

Designed by The Creep Via:


Designed by Andy Hunt Via:

Designed by Evan Ferstenfeld, Peter Kramar & Roni Lagin Via:

Designed by The Hookshot Via:


Designer unknown Via:


Designed by Cubik Via:

Designed by Patrick Spens Via:


Designed by Sergio37 Via:




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