Nolan Keeps Joseph Gordon-Levitt's MAN OF STEEL Rumor Alive

Why doesn't Christopher Nolan just flat out deny that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is going to appear in Man of Steel? Last month a rumor hit the internet that the actor would be reprising his role as the new Batman in Man of Steel and Justice League. That rumor was quickly shot down by Gordon-Levitt's rep. But then Movieline caught up with Nolan recently and asked him about a possibility of a Batman cameo in Man of Steel, and Nolan responded with the following,

I can't talk about that. You know that.

If there was nothing going on he could easily just say no. The fact that he isn't denying tells us one of two things... there really is something to this rumor, or he's just having fun with the fans. In the past when Nolan has acted coy about questions like this--the rumors for films like The Dark Knight Rises ended up having some truth to them. Why do you think Nolan didn't deny it? He could have just shut the rumor down, but by saying nothing at all, he's once again sparked a flame. 

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