Peter Jackson Plans To Release TINTIN Sequel In 2015!

I really enjoyed Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson's The Adventures of Tintin, but I wasn't sure if we would ever see any of the sequels they were talking about. There have been no solid updates on a sequel to the film for awhile. The movie made over $370 million worldwide, which it is more than I thought it would make, especially since not a lot of people were familiar with Tintin. Now that they've been introduced to the character and have seen how great the movie was, I think a sequel could be even more successful. 

Bleeding Cool caught up with Jackson while he was promoting The Hobbit, and they asked him about the status of The Adventures of Tintin sequel. Jackson said the "plan is to ‘shoot’ the performance capture at some point next year for a 2015 release date." This would be going on at the same time as some of the post-production work he'll be doing for the other Hobbit films, so Jackson is going to be an extremely busy guy. But if he pulls this off, Jackson will have released one film a year four years in a row. 

The sequel will be called The Adventures Of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun, the script for which was written by Anthony Horowitz, creator of the Alex Rider series of young-adult spy novels. The plot of the film involves Tintin and his BFF Captain Haddock investigating a strange illness that has befallen seven explorers who have discovered an Incan tomb, before traveling to Peru to get to the bottom of the mystery. I imagine the full cast will come back to reprise their roles. 

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