Square Enix's Countdown Reveals STAR GALAXY

Well, everyone's been anticipating what Square Enix would reveal at the end of their countdown this evening, and lo and behold it's STAR GALAXY!

C'mon guys, say it with me! STAR GALAXY!


Okay, so a bit of a letdown. However, for those who are still reading here is some background. The game looks to be a browser based space strategy game, and from what I can tell due to the rough translation, it features some exploration as well as some kind of card game mechanic. Yeah, that's about it, but you can always peep the promotional video for some additional insight.

Wait, the video actually doesn't feature anything butt he same image that you see above? Oh, and some Star Wars like music to accompany it. Awesome.

In all seriousness, I am a bit disappointed, but only because when I saw the name Star Galaxy, I thought it was somehow related to Rogue Galaxy (PS2), but then I remembered it wasn't Square who made that title but Level 5, so double whammy for me. As for what it actually is, I do enjoy some browser games, as long as they don't make my computer chug to a halt. I like doing other things and occasionally checking in on a mission's progress, so here's hoping they can make the gameplay compelling.

Either way, it's not Final Fantasy VII or Kingdom Hearts 3, so I'm pretty sure they weren't going to make anyone happy in the end.

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