2 LOTR Fans Set Out to Simply Walk into Mordor

"One cannot simply walk into Mordor."

Just the other day when I posted an article about a Hobbit Pub called The Green Dragon in New Zealand, I mentioned how I've always wanted to go to New Zealand to take the Middle Earth tour. I'm not sure when or if that will ever happen, but I'd love to do what these two Lord of the Rings fans did! 

Kerry Shawcross and Chris Demarais are the Red Vs. Blue guys who run the website Rooster Teeth. They decided to take a trip to New Zealand, and put Boromir's words to the test. With a guide, sleeping bags and lembas bread they set off from Hobbiton to make the 120 mile long trek to Mount Ngauruhoe, which is the mountain that stood in for Mount Doom in the films. Along the way they have fun chasing and yelling at farm animals and get shocked by electric fences. The end goal is to simply walk into Mordor. 

They recorded their journey, and this is the first part of it. I imagine in part 2 we will see them come face to face with Sauron's army. Enjoy the entertaining journey. 

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