THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN - Every Mistake In 2-Minutes

CinemaSins sets its all plot hole seeing eyes on The Amazing Spider-Man for its inaugural video. Along the same lines as Honest Trailers and How It Should Have Ended, it almost goes without saying that this contains a whole ton of SPOILERS.

This isn't as humorous or creative as the stuff they're doing over at ScreenJunkies or HISHE, but they put together a quick and ruthless slam down on movie mistakes. They were dang thorough with this vid that takes greater aim at continuity and factual errors with some nice jabs at believability.

As much as I love having some interesting mistakes or plot holes pointed out to me at times, it would take all the fun out of movie watching if you went in with this attitude. In a movie about a teenager with the power of a spider it's kinda dramatic to get up in arms about a Rubik's Cube... that's where you draw the line?!

It's definitely worth a watch and it'll be interesting to see what they take on next. Visit their page and let them know what movie deserves to be brought to the judgement seat!

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