THE WALKING DEAD is Getting a Retro Black and White Overhaul

As if The Walking Dead couldn't get any more awesome, AMC has announced that they will be giving season 1 and 2 a classic horror black and white movie makeover! As a fan of classic old school horror movies, like Night of the Living Dead, this is pretty awesome and I'm looking forward to rewatching this series in black and white. 

Earlier this year the pilot episode was given a black and white makeover, and the network liked it so much that they decided to do it with the first two full seasons. It would also serve as a throwback to Robert Kirkman's original version of the comic book because it was done in black and white as well. 

The announcement showed up in the official Walking Dead magazine, and AMC says the new versions will "give the series a Universal Monsters feel as well as mimicking the artistic style of the comic." The new cuts are scheduled to start airing on AMC in February of 2013!

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