Is Unicron the Villain in TRANSFORMERS 4?!

We still don't know much about Michael Bay's Transformers 4 other than Mark Wahlberg will be playing the father of a high school girl with a race driver boyfriend. There will also be some new robots introduced in the film and one of them might be the epic transforming planet devourer Unicron.

Unleash The Fanboy claims to have gotten their hands on a copy of the script and they claim that Unicron in the main villain, and also reveal a few other details about the script that fans of the franchise might be excited to know about. I think Unicron will be a great villain! I'm surprised he hasn't already been used, but I like that they are finally going to play with this character.

For those of you who don't want to know what this script includes then don't read ahead as it contains some possible spoilers. Here's a description of the script from the site. It definitely sounds like another Bayfest, but it sounds like there's going to be some really cool elements.

The script begins 4 years after DARK OF THE MOON, in the midst of yet another destructive meteor storm. The opening is very much like the other films, with a generic “crisis montage”.  All the major news networks are scrambling to cover the event, fearing that another alien attack is on its way.

Cut to a giant metal space ball, hurtling through the atmosphere, landing right beside Stonehenge. It creates a cylindrical portal and launches an unseen entity into another dimension. As you can imagine, this agitates pretty much everyone, and the Autobots assemble to figure out what the hell is going on.

Eventually we discover that this giant ball is actually a space ship, designed by an ancient Autobot known as Vector Prime. He’s the guardian of Primus, the one being in the universe that can defeat the planet eating Transformer, and main villain, Unicron. So, Optimus and a handful of Autobots have a grand ol’ time hanging out with Vector Prime, trying to locate Primus.

Meanwhile, Unicron’s flunkies, led by Galvatron, attack a super secret government base in Colorado. This place is important for two reasons

1) It houses Decepticon Corpses (including Megatron)

2) It’s the home of a brand new array of Cybertronian-Earth weapons and armor suits. Imagine Iron Man, but sexier and crazier.

Anyway, Galvatron destroys the installation, plugs into the Decepticon bodies in order to download their memories, and in the process he becomes possessed by Megatron. Yeah… that guy’s back in action.

Oh… and when the base is completely destroyed, one human character (Josie/Circuit Breaker) crawls to safety, but in order to survive, she initiates some weird robotic surgery, and transforms herself into a kickass cyborg.

As you’d expect, there are a handful of other human characters tossed into the mix. There’s a Special Ops Sergeant (Beller) who seems perfectly crafted for Mark Wahlberg, a few reckless kids (Beller’s teenage daughter and her race car driving boyfriend) in the style of Shia Labouf and Megan Fox, but sadly no John Turturro cameo.

I don’t want to bore you with the nitty bitty parts of the script, even though there are a fair share of interesting points before it concludes. Here are the bullet points:

  • Optimus, Vector Prime, and a handful of Autobouts travel to Mount St. Hellen on the day of its eruption in order to retrieve Primus from Space & Time… or at least I think that’s what they’ve done. Galvatron/Megatron attacks them, revealing himself to Optimus, and craziness unfolds
  • They return to the present in order to defend the portal at Stonehenge against Megatron and his Unicron flunkies, in an attempt to survive long enough to ensure Primus’s return
  • Josie/Circuit Breaker goes on a wild binge of Transformer murders, unable to distinguish between Autobots and Decepticons because she’s so damn pissed off, having almost been killed.
  • Eventually Josie joins forces with the Autobots.
  • As the climatic battle unfolds, with Unicron drawing closer to Earth, a group of Dinobots jump through the portal to assist Optimus. Yeah, I said it… DINOBOTS!
  • Unicron arrives, transforming the planet into a mechanical sphere reminscent of Cybertron, but he never gets a chance to finish.
  • Primus finally makes his debut. He defeats Unicron, kicks that baddie’s soul out of his gigantic metal body, and creates a new planet out of the corpse, perfectly fit for the Autobots.
  • In the midst of Unicron’s defeat, Optimus kills Megatron/Galvatron, and all ends well. Kinda. The closing shot reveals Galvatron’s secluded ship, hovering in space, with two bright red eyes shining from within. DUN DUN DUN!

It has yet to be seen if this will end up being better, worse or the same as the last three films. I do hope it ends up being a great Transformers movie, because that's all I've been waiting for from this franchise! When Bay said he was done making them I was excited because it would have been nice to see another director take a shot at the franchise. But I'm still hoping that Bay can still pull off his best Transformers movie yet. 

What do you think of the story details revealed here?

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