Predators co-writer Michael Finch has been hired by Paramount Pictures to write a supernatural action film called Hellified. This actually sounds like a really cool project! The story follows a strike force, comprised of criminals, that goes to Hell in order to stop the End of Days. 

The film has a lot of potential, and could end up being extremely entertaining if done right. The concept was snatched up by the studio back in 2009, and Red Dawn director Dan Bradley was attached to helm it. When the project was first being developed, Hell was going to be a CGI-created inferno overrun by demons! They were headed in the right direction but things have changed. 

According to THR the project has been scaled back to accommodate a more moderate budget. So now all Hell will be is a ruined bombed and destroyed urban landscape, which is just plain boring. Maybe the script will end up being good, but I wish Hell would really be the Hell they originally planned. It would make things so much more interesting. The demolished city setting has been done to death.

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