Adaptation of Giant Robot Anime GAIKING Moving Forward!

Movieby Joey Paur

Guillermo del Toro's next film Pacific Rim is getting a lot of love from the fans these days, and it looks like it inspired Gale Anne Hurd and Valhalla Entertainment to finally move forward on their own giant robot vs. monster movie, a live-action adaptation of Toei Animation's Japanese anime Gaiking. Hurd is currently a producer on The Walking Dead series, and has worked on other films such as Terminator, Aliens, and The Incredible Hulk.

The story follows "a young man who is recruited to serve as the lead pilot for the Super Robot Gaiking. When Earth is threatened by an alien race intent on taking over the planet, he emerges as the only one who can pilot the massive robot. Together with his fellow co-pilots he must fight off the alien force in order to save mankind."

The world doesn't have enough giant robot movies, and I hoped this would eventually get made especially after the teaser trailer test for Gaiking was released. It really looks like it could be a badass film. Hurd had this to say in a statement,

I'm extremely excited to be working on Gaiking. Which marks a huge step forward in adapting one of the best Japanese IP for a global audience.

This could end up being another incredible movie. I was blown away by the teaser when it was released, and I hope a solid team of talent is brought together to bring it to life. In case you need a reminder, here's the previously released teaser CGI test:

Here's some more from the press release:

Valhalla Entertainment recently announced their USA Network pilot "Horizon" for Universal Cable Productions. Additional projects on their development slate include "Thunder Road" for Discovery Channel, "Reconstruction" at The History Channel, "Jane Wayne" with USA Network, "11th Commandment" with NBC, and "Area 51" at AMC.

On the feature side, Gale Anne Hurd executive produced the upcoming Sundance Premiere film, Very Good Girls, and is moving forward on the action/thriller The Nameless with Route One. Hurd is also known for her sci-fi blockbusters The Terminator 1 & 2, AliensArmageddon and The Incredible Hulk.

ANEW, led by CEO Sandy Climan, is dedicated to partnering with Japanese underlying rights holders to develop creative content, including films, books, toys, animation, and Manga, into global English language motion pictures and television. It has an initial capitalization of $80M from the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ), a public-private investment fund affiliated with the Japanese government. ANEW’s creative partners include a broad spectrum of the leading media and entertainment companies in Japan.

"ANEW's mission is to bring the highest quality Japanese stories to a global audience in partnership with world-class producers," said Climan, "I am thrilled that ANEW is joining with Toei Animation and Valhalla Entertainment in developing this landmark property into a major motion picture."

Toei Animation is the largest animation production company in Japan and is responsible for thousands of hours of programming, including "Dragon Ball," "Sailor Moon" and "Space Pirate Captain Harlock," which is being remade as a 3D CG animated feature film. Since its founding in 1956, Toei has produced more than 10,000 episodes of TV (191 titles) and over 200 animated feature films. Toei Animation is the original rights holder of the underlying "Gaiking" IP and a Co-Producer with Valhalla Entertainment.

"'Gaiking' has long been one of the most beloved giant robot animation franchises with a global fan base. We are very excited to be partnering with Valhalla Entertainment and ANEW to bring this title to a worldwide audience as a live-action feature film, which we hope to be the first of many more to come from Toei’s large stable of IPs,” said Yoshi Ikezawa of Toei Animation.

Gale Anne Hurd will serve as lead producer on the project. Yoshi Ikezawa of Toei Animation and Joseph Chou will also serve as producers. Sandy Climan, Tim Kwok, and Kozo Morishita of Toei Animation are executive producing. Kris Henigman, Director of Development at Valhalla, will oversee development for the company in association with Annmarie Bailey, Vice President of Creative Affairs for ANEW.

You can watch a previously-released CGI test shot for the film below: