Joss Whedon Says Wasp Almost Had a Big Role in THE AVENGERS

The Directors Guild of America in Hollywood recently hosted a special screening of Marvel's The Avengers. Writer/director Joss Whedon showed up for a little Q&A in which he revealed that Wasp almost played a big part in The Avengers and he wanted a second villain. He also talked about what we can expect in the sequel. Here's what he said about Wasp,

There was a little bit of time where we thought we might not actually get Scarlett [Johansson]. There was a very Waspy draft that I wrote. But it was way too Waspy. I was like, 'She's adorable! I'm just going to watch her!'

Unfortunately she didn't make the cut which is a shame, because I think fans are wanting to finally see Wasp up on the big screen, and there's a possibility that might happen in Iron Man 3. The director also went on to reveal that he wanted a second villain in the movie to fight alongside Loki, but Marvel shut the idea down. 

I'm not going to tell you [who it is] because that person might crop up another time. But I definitely felt like, 'I've got Earth's mightiest heroes. I've got four of the biggest, baddest, toughest guys out there and I've got one effete British character actor.' They believed very strongly that they didn't want to add any more mythology, I think was the thing.

So is there a possibility that this other villain will pop up in the sequel? Or maybe Marvel plans to use the villain in another film. When I think about who Loki might fight alongside the first person to pop in my head is Amora The Enchantress. This is someone I can also easily see Whedon wanting to use, as he likes playing around with female villains with supernatural powers. Whedon goes on to hint at what we might see in the sequel,

I used to read 'The Avengers' and part of the ethos of the team was that it changed their lineup every month. Their 150th issue was just a bunch of faces. 'Who will be in the team now?!' We had the first issue as a poster in the offices. Now that I'm working on the sequel I said, 'Let's put the second issue up there! Let's change it up a little bit!' The second issue is 'Introducing… Giant-Man! And this character! They were already changing it up after one issue. That's what they always do.

So it sounds like we can expect to see some more characters in the film, characters that might end up popping up in other Marvel movies leading up to the sequel. The Avengers 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on May 1st, 2015!

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