Luke Skywalker to Build a Jedi Academy in STAR WARS: EPISODE VII?

It's actually been awhile since we've reported on anything for Star Wars: Episode VII. I'm sure we'd all just love to know who the director is going to be and what the story is going to be about, but we just have to settle with the little bits and pieces that leak out online for now. 

A recent report from Reuters suggests that Luke Sywalker will return to the Rebel moon base Yavin 4, from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope to build a Jedi Knight Academy! This is the base where the attack was launched on the Death Star and also where Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Chewbacca got their medals at the end of the film. This is what they say...

Yavin 4 and the rebel base return to the Star Wars plot in the forthcoming Episode VII, announced in October by the Walt Disney Co, in which Skywalker comes back to the planet to build a Jedi Knight academy. However, fans said that Disney will likely film those scenes in a studio rather than return to Tikal.

Of course this is just a rumor, they don't mention where they got their information, but there's some really interestingly awesome details there! 

In 1977 George Lucas did a four day shoot at a Mayan temple located in the Guatemalan rainforest. That temple is now a tourist attraction for hardcore Star Wars fans and of people looking forward to the end of the world on December 21st, 2012. 

What do you think about this? Does it make sense that Skywalker would come back to Yavin 4 to build a Jedi Academy in Episode VII? 

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