MORTAL KOMBAT: Kitana Will Teach You Respect With Her New Sideshow Statue

Here's the thing. I don't think I'd have a problem giving respect to someone who could turn 2 fans (albeit steel ones) into deadly weapons, but some people are hard headed. Princess Kitana is the newest addition to Sideshow Toy's quarter scale statue line. Exclusive to Pop Culture Shock Collectibles, she's one of the most impressive female Mortal Kombat statues I've seen yet. All of the various hues of blue are vibrant and pop, and there is some nice detailing on her boots as well. The creative base doesn't hurt either. As with most statues from Sideshow, there will be an exclusive version of Kitana which will feature an interchangeable face (one with mask and one without), as well as an additional set of bloody fans. Both of these go up for pre-order on December 20th, and the regular version will cost $354.00 while the exclusive costs just $10 more.

Overall I'm really happy with this version of the character. It does have some guy centric design tendencies in the sculpt (ridiculous arch in back being the main culprit), but because it's based on a gratuitous, bloody fighting game where you can chop someone's arms off with said steel fans, I might be able to give it a pass. I've been looking for something to start my video game statue collection, and I just might have found it. Check out the exclusive version below, and tell us what you think.