Must Watch PUNISHER Animated Fan-Film

MovieVideos by Joey Paur

You've got to check out this incredibly awesome animated fan-made short film for Marvel's The Punisher! The short is called Do Not Fall In New York City, and it was created by animator Luis Pelayo Junquera. I'm confident that fans of The Punisher will love this because it perfectly captures the character, which is something Hollywood has failed to do everytime they attempt to make one. 

This story is based on a powerful and complex one-issue Punisher story created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. It follows Frank Castle who goes up against a troubled soldier he knew from the Vietnam War who ended up killing his family. The short is violent, and the animation is a little crude, but the tone is spot on. Check it out!

DO NOT FALL IN NEW YORK CITY (the animated film) from Biggun Dreams on Vimeo.


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