Stop Motion Intro for X-MEN Animated Series

VideosX-Menby Eli Reyes

Last month I rewatched every episode of the '90s classic cartoon X-Men Animated Series on Netflix. So many childhood memories came flooding back as I watched it. But as faithful as they were to the comics with the character designs and storylines, the animation itself definitely hasn't stood the test of time. What is just as good as ever though is the theme song!!! I never once fast forwarded through the intro or credits of the cartoon's 76 episodes. There's something about that song that just gets me pumped up. So when this stop motion recreation of the iconic intro came my way I couldn't help but enjoy it, even if it is a bit crude and even if it is sandwiched in-between a pretty lame skit.

It's not likely but I think it would be cool to hear a couple of musical cues from the animated series in X-Men Days of Future Past -- just like how we got some classic James Bond sounds in certain call back moments in Skyfall.

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