Awesome Cosplay Fan Fights Video

VideosCosplayby Joey Paur

Here's a really fun action packed cosplay fan fights video shot and edited by Yung Lee. It includes a lot of characters that many of you will recognize. The cosplayers are pitted against one another, and some fun little special effects and sound were added to make it pop. The creator of the project is Robin in the video, and here's a note that he sent along with the video...

I wished to turn regular cosplayers into their own action stars by shooting, directing, and editing this action packed video. Final Fantasy characters, deadpool, one piece, naruto characters, street fighter, and batman characters appear in this video montage.

Most of the people in the video are strangers I approached and asked to shoot a video rather than standing still to pose for pictures. It was a really fun experience and I aim to make this a yearly tradition in the hopes of making each one better than the last.

The video turned out really cool, check it out for yourself and let us know what you thought of it!