Wear A Piece of THE SHINING'S Overlook Hotel

If you love Stanley Kubrick's The Shining as much as I do, then you may want to pick up this cool winter hat inspired by the film. The Weir Overlook Special Edition Beanie has the same pattern as the floor of the iconic hotel and is available this December from Connoisseur.

Here is a description of the product:

Whilst it should never be about blowing your own trumpet, we are dead proud of this one. If we hadn't designed it ourselves we'd say it was genius. Our brand is all about immersing itself in the things we love and are passionate about, this is no finer example of that.

This is one of a kind, if you don't know what this is or represents then, well, you shouldn't have to ask. But if you must; it's that horrendous, garish carpet from the Overlook Hotel, from the chilling cult Stanley Kubrick movie The Shining. Come and play with us, forever and ever and ever...

We're proud to present the Overlook hat.

One size fits all. Limited numbers produced, strictly one per customer.

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