BEYOND GOOD & EVIL: Jade Art Reminds You Just How Cool She Can Be

For those who remember (you know, the other 5 of you that bought it), Beyond Good & Evil is one of those cult classic games that has developed a small but vocal following since its initial release. It's remembered fondly for its fun, colorful world, as well as its wonderful sense of humor. Above all else though, BG&E is remembered for its stellar and damn cool main character, Jade. Caring, compassionate, curious, and when she needed to be; deadly. Jade is one of the best female characters around, and it's a shame that we might not get another chance to see her in action.

Okay, soapbox completed. On to the art.

The awesome work you see above was done by Omri Koresh, an artist based out of Israel. He's got some interesting stuff in his Deviant Art gallery, but when it comes to this piece specifically I love his use of all the varying hues of green. His painted style walks the line between pseudo realistic and slightly cartoony, and while it differs from the game's style somewhat, to me it nails the feel of the game perfectly. I also dig that while she's still drawn as attractive, she doesn't feel over-sexualized at all. Not saying cheesecake is bad, just that I like my art in other styles as well.

Here's hoping we haven't seen the last of her. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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