BIOSHOCK: INFINITE - Watch the Game's First Few Atmospheric Minutes

BioShock: Infinite is a game that I wish would just come out already. No, not because I want to make sweet, video game love to it (I do), but the process of this game's arrival has gone on for what seems like forever and we don't need to wait any longer. Delays after delays and all that silly badmouthing of the cover-art just aggravates me. Is it just me? I don't know. It's probably just because I am so attached to this series and see it as a guiding light of intellect in the industry. Irrational Games need to make me happy. Now.

The first few minutes of the game contains a lot of atmosphere, some cool imagery, and a bell-ringing puzzle. It's quite a different look at the game compared to the other material put out; no blue skies or swinging around with a claw-hand here, just a slow look at the environment. I'm digging the very Bioshock feel of the opening, and I hope it continues throughout the game. I'm all in, yo.

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