Game Inspired Movie Posters Featuring Mario, Metroid and More

There are a bunch of gaming inspired movies coming out in the next few years. Hollywood is currently getting started on an Assassin’s Creed movie, as well as Splinter Cell and Angry Birds movies. But we all know there are countless other movies that could get some big screen love.

Take a look at these pieces of art from Ian Wilding. He has come up with movie posters for faux video game movies including, Super Mario Galaxy, Shadow of the Colossus, Portal and Super Metroid. Out of all of these, I think a Metroid and a Colossus movie would have the best chance.

As you already know, we haven't had a great success record when it comes to video game films (remember Prince of Persia, Super Mario Bros. The Movie, and Street Fighter?) What other games do you think they should turn into movies?

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