Holiday Geekery - Mini Crochet Bob-omb Set

Aw, look at the little Bob-omb! So cozy in that little plastic box with some padding. Just wait until you take them out, though, they'll turn on you faster than a starving Bengal Tiger. No, that won't happen, but they certainly will make a cute gift for this holiday season. Stop crying. I'm just kidding about the tiger.

This set was made by Etsy user, Nerd Jerk (well, that's a mean little name). Here is some information from their Etsy page:

Is there a geek in your life that you still haven't found the perfect gift for? Need something cute for that special someone? Check out our new Gift Sets!

Our Mini Bob-Omb Gift Set comes with 2 of the most popular bombs in the Super Mario World - the Original Mini Bob-Omb & the Hot Pink Mini Bob-Omb! This gift is sure to make any nerd squee with utter excitement!

Our Mini Bob-Ombs usually sell for $20 USD each, but are bundled together is this Gift Set, ready for gift giving, at only $36. We can even include a nerd JERK gift bag and tissue paper, if you'd like. :)

The set will cost you $36.00 and there are different sets to choose from (i.e. characters). Pick up one today!

P.S. - I don't approve of the word "squee" being used on any webpage. For shame, Nerd Jerk.

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