STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT ONLINE - New Artwork from the Cancelled 2010 Game

Many fans of the Star Wars franchise were anxiously awaiting the Star Wars: Battlefront III game years ago. Unfortunately, LucasArts felt the need to pull the cord on it, a game that seemed to be pretty close to done. But did you know they actually had another Star Wars title that they also cancelled?

Star Wars: Battlefront Online was in development back in 2010 before receiving the cancel orders. This game was being developed by the same people that brought us Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, the good folks over at Slant Six Games. Now in retrospect, especially after seeing how RE:ORC turned out, that cancellation was probably a good idea.

It looks as if LucasArts was trying to cash in more on the whole “online multiplayer” aspect of games. Who can really blame them?! When it was first revealed that SW:BF3 was in development, most people got excited over a possible multiplayer mode of the game.

Now all we have are these pieces of artwork of the game that would have been. One cannot help but think, did LucasArts get any of this stuff into Star Wars: The Old Republic somehow? Either way, the company needs to focus more on console games before the demand runs out.

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