GAME OF THRONES' Westeros Re-created in Minecraft

Two big Game of Thrones fans by the names of Will Blew and Jacob Granberry have created the incredible world of Westeros in MineCraft, and they released a video called WesterosCraft: A Year of Ice and Fire showing it off. I have to say, what they ended up creating is epic. 

These guys even created a website called WesterosCraft, which is devoted to "recreating George R.R. Martin's universe, brick by brick." They were inspired by other Minecraft players who had built 1:1 versions of Hogwarts and Middle Earth.

This video showcases just a fraction of what we have accomplished the last year on WesterosCraft. It turns out recreating an entire continent is no small feat. The past four months have been devoted to remaking Kings Landing featured at the beginning of the video. Our new version of Kings Landing features over 2000 unique houses each individually furnished. Be sure to stay tuned to our video for much much more future content!

It's hard for me to comprehend how these two guys could pull this off, but it turned out awesome. Check it out!

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