LITTLE BIG PLANET 2: Series 5 Marvel Costumes Debut


Lets get down to what's most important about this pack. Nova. Even the non Richard Rider Nova is still better than no Nova at all, and he looks equal parts adorable and awesome. Also included in the new assortment are Black Bolt, Star Lord, Iron Fist, and Black Widow. You can peep all their pics down below. The pack is out this week, with series 6 coming out early next year.

As for who is in series 6, there has only been one reveal, and that happens to be everyone's favorite 4th wall buster, Deadpool. No word yet on the others for that set, but when those are revealed I'll let you know. It's sad, but I just want to walk around with the Sackboy version of Groot one day. That's it. No building levels or anything complicated like that. Just me walking around other people's levels yelling, "Groot!" Sounds like an afternoon well invested to me.