Vin Diesel's HANNIBAL THE CONQUEROR Moving Forward!

Vin Diesel has been trying to get a film trilogy called Hannibal the Conqueror off the ground for years, and the actor just announced on Facebook that it's moving forward! Here's what he posted,

When a dream is born in your childhood. When you spend a decade daring to pursue it... The day, a head of a studio says... 'I want to make all three films of your Hannibal trilogy!' Haha... It takes a minute to sink in... Shhhhh... it's still sinking in.

There's no word on what studio the project is set up at, but Diesel seems excited as hell for it. And I'm excited that he's excited, because this could be a great film project! I wonder if Diesel is going to get to direct it like he wanted to. He will definitely star in the film as the Carthaginian military commander Hannibal Barca, who is considered to be one of the greatest military commanders in history. Click here for more information on the commander!

There's not a lot of details on the movie at this point, but there's a lot of historical events that it can pull from. It's really awesome that Diesel has found a studio that's willing to make it. Hopefully it has a smooth transition into production and then to the big screen! 

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