Updates on ACME Looney Tunes Film and SUICIDE SQUAD

Movieby Joey Paur

A couple of years ago it was announced that Warner Bros. would be making a live-action feature film based on the Looney Tunes ACME Warehouse where Wile E. Coyote got all of the crazy contraptions he used to try and catch his nemesis, Road Runner.

In a recent interview with Collider, producer Dan Lin gave a few little details on what they will be doing with the film, and revealed some info on the lead character.

We're not going to use Looney Tunes in the ACME movie, it's a live action movie. What were so excited about is the lead character is a Steve Jobs meets Dean Cameron kind of character and because it's ACME you can create some incredibly funny, wacky inventions that you can't do on any other movie. So naturally it's just a super imaginative movie.

He also explained that they are heavily inspired by Wile E. Coyote, and that they're currently hearing different pitches from writers. This could end up being a really great film if they can nail down a solid story. Lin went on to give an update on DC's Suicide Squad film adaptation, revealing that there's a script that's been written by Justin Marks, but that it's not going to get made anytime soon.

I think Warner Brothers wants to finish their A-list stories first and then we'll talk about stories like Suicide Squad.

I think Suicide Squad could be a great movie with the right team of talent involved. Hopefully one day it will happen. 

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