A CHRISTMAS STORY Deleted Scene with Ralphie and Flash Gordon

A Christmas Story is my favorite Christmas movie of all time, and all of these years I've been watching it, I had no idea that there was a deleted scene that featured Ralphie teaming up with Flash Gordon. Had I ever bothered to watch the end credits I would have saw that their were two actors credited for playing Flash Gordon and Ming the Merciless!

The scene was to feature Ralphie reading a Flash Gordon comic when he starts to have a day dream about the Red Ryder BB gun. He's on the planet Mongo where he and Flash battle Ming the Merciless. The photo above gives us our only look at what that scene would have looked like, but I haven't been able to find any film footage of it online. I'd really love to see this scene play out. You can read the scene in its entirety below though! 

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