Cartoon Style Evolution of Stanley Kubrick's Movies

Director Stanely Kubrick made some incredible films in his career, and here's a wonderful cartoon style illustration that pays tribute to the director and several of the films that he made. The piece was created by artist Jeff Victor who had this to say about it,

My newest evolution is is a little different. It's a tribute to some of the best films by legendary director Stanley Kubrick. I recently saw the LACMA exhibit of Kubrick's films here in LA, and it was stunning. The original props, the annotated screenplays, his original director's chair- what a treasure trove of film geek goodies!

I've enjoyed all of the films that Kubrick has made, but if I had to choose only one as my favorite, it would have to be The Shining, which is one of my favorite horror films of all time. What would you say your favorite Kubrick film is?

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