Niko's Got a Bit of a Jecking Problem In This Fun GTA IV Art

GTA IV star Niko wasn't everyone's cup of tea, but even if you didn't love him you'll probably dig this awesome series of sketches done by Patrick Brown. The art depicts NiKo jacking (or as he calls it, Jecking) rides (be it Horse or Light Cycle) from a variety of franchises, including Avatar, Red Dead Redemption, Halo, Tron, & more. My faves are shown above and below, but he has several more on his Deviant Art page. I'm fond of his art style and I love how fun and original these are. There are so many others I would like to see. How about Niko trying to steal a Mako (hey look it rhymes!), or trying to hot wire a CLAW tank from Black Ops II? Just some ideas to keep the party going.

Having seen some of his fantastic colored pieces, here's hoping these get the same treatment someday. Until then we'll just have to enjoy them in black & white, but Patrick has a great deal of fully colored game related art in his gallery (which you can check out here), so make sure to give those a look.

Okay, one last pitch. Niko jacking those stupid plates from Heavy Rain.

You're welcome.

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