Which Actor Had The Best/Worst 2012?

It's not news that 2012 was a huge year for movies. We saw super heroes soar, spies spike, and sci-fi sail through the charts as our favorite male actors made names or embarrassed themselves on the silver screen. So who had the best/worst 2012 in our opinion?

Best Actor of 2012: Joseph Gordon Levitt

JGL has been on the rise for a couple years now but this year was his crowning year in acting if there ever was one. Looper, The Dark Knight Rises, Lincoln, Premium Rush; Levitt worked and thrived with the best. With rumors of becoming the new Batman on the horizon 2013 will only be brighter for the young actor as he continues to work.

Worst Actor of 2012: Taylor Kitsch

Man, what a rough year this guy had. Savages, John Carter, and Battleship were all viewed as failures on all levels and the latter two went down as two of the biggest flops in movie history? The worst part about it? Kitsch had absolutely nothing to do with it. Read the reviews if you don't believe it. Kitsch is not the worst actor in Hollywood by any stretch, but something tells me it will be difficult for him to find work after this struggle of a year. My advice for Taylor: Fire your agent and do a few indie films to get back in the game.

Have any other actors you think made the Best/Worst list more so than our selections? Post below!

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