Christopher Nolan Discusses JUSTICE LEAGUE and MAN OF STEEL

Director Christopher Nolan is out promoting the Blu-ray/DVD release of The Dark Knight Rises, and in an interview with The Playlist he dodges questions about Justice League as talks about Zack Snyder's Man of Steel and if the world connects to his Batman universe. He also expresses confidence in what Snyder is doing with the character.

When asked about the possibility of producing the Justice League movie he said, "Well, as I’ve said, and I’ll say definitively again, I am done with the Batman films, the trilogy is completed. It ended in the manner we had envisioned." If you ask me, he did a great job beating around the bush with that answer. We know he's done with Batman, but that has nothing to do with the Justice League question that was asked. I guess there could be a possibility that he might produce the movie. He's then asked if he's finished with the superhero movie genre, Nolan smiled and said, "Well, I’m producing Superman now and I’m enjoying time off and taking a break." Who knows what he'll do after the break though, but he managed to dodge another question. He dodged questions about himself coming back to direct a third Batman film for a long time, then all of a sudden he was directing it. I imagine he's doing the same thing here. 

The conversation then moves on to Man of Steel, and when asked if there's a brand connection between his Batman films and Man of Steel he said, "Well, somewhat, but I wouldn’t want people to think we're doing for Superman what we did for Batman." He went on to express his confidence in the project saying, 

It's very much Zack’s film and I think people are going to love what he's done. I think it's really remarkable to take on that character. Superman is a completely different character than Batman. So you can't in anyway use the same template. But David Goyer had this, I thought, brilliant way to make Superman relatable and relevant for his audience. Zack has built on that and I think it's incredible what he's putting together. He's got a lot of finishing to do on that. Superman is the biggest comic book character of them all and he needs the biggest possible movie version which is what Zack's doing. It's really something.

Well, I'm excited that Nolan's excited. I liked the first teaser trailer, I like what I saw at Comic-Con, and I can't wait to see the full trailer which will be released later this month! It will undoubtedly give us our best look at the movie so far. 

What do you think of the comments Nolan makes in this interview? 

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