Interesting Teaser Trailer for UPSTREAM COLOR

MovieTrailerby Joey Paur

Did you ever see the 2004 indie time travel film Primer? Well, Upstream Color is director Shane Carruth's second film, and there's an interesting teaser trailer that's been released. I have no idea what it's about other than the beautiully shot scenes in this teaser and the following short plotline that doesn't reveal much,

A man and woman are drawn together, entangled in the life cycle of an ageless organism.

I'm not sure what to expect from this, but it's set to premiere at Sundance next year where we'll find out if it's good or not. It will be released in theaters on March 22nd. I liked Primer, and you should watch it if you haven't seen it yet, it was made on a $7,000 budget. Primer is also the main reason why I'm looking forward to seeing this movie. 

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