YOUNG JUSTICE: LEGACY - New Teaser Trailer, But Still No Release Date

It was a long time ago when we first heard about this Young Justice: Legacy game that was in production by Warner Bros. and Little Orbit. What we all saw at the time seemed very promising. The game had a little bit of that Marvel: Ultimate Alliance feel to it, and that’s a good thing. But just like during that time many months ago, we still have no word on when the game will be released.

Well now the studio has given us a new teaser trailer. I suppose it’s to keep the attention up for the game somewhat, and probably for the show itself as well. The TV show has gone on another random hiatus with no word when new episodes will be released. This really sucks because they had a great storyline this season, and were able to work in so many characters from throughout the DC Universe.

I even had a chance to play the game and experience what it had to offer back at E3 this past June. It wasn’t fully polished at the time, but the game definitely seemed fun to play. If memory serves me right, this game was supposed to tell the story of what happened between seasons 1 and 2 of the hit TV show. But now with the show on that long hiatus, I wonder if they are re-thinking things story-wise.

Either way, I guess the one thing we can all be happy about is that this trailer does show what platforms it will be released on. From the looks of the logos, this will come out on PC, Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. So if anything, this will be a great downloadable arcade title. Now as far as when you can download this is the big question, especially since the trailer only says, “Coming Soon.”

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