DRAGON EFFECT: Mass Effect/Dragon Age Combine to Make This Amazing Artwork

As a fan of both of these franchises I absolutely love what Andrew Ryan did with his "Dragon Effect" piece. He updated their looks and weapons yet maintained the soul of both games. Andrew has been working on this piece for a good minute, and you can see closer hi res looks at the various pieces on his Deviant Art page

As for the art itself, it's gorgeous -- lots of small details in the armor as well as the faces, and I love the coloring here too, including the vibrant glow effects used on the various powers and weapons throughout. Really well done, and am I the only one who would love to see this used in a game someday? Might be a cool little side DLC one day. A little Bioware version of Quantum Leap. Who knows, but if you like what you see here make sure to check out Andrew's gallery for more.

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