Johnny Depp Producing DON QUIXOTE Film For Disney

Johnny Depp is set to produce a big screen modern day re-imagining of Don Quixote for Disney. The studio closed a deal on the pitch which will be written by Steve Pink and Jeff Morris. Depp has always been fascinated with this character and was at one point attached to the doomed Don Quixote film that Terry Gilliam has been trying to make for years -- a version I'd still like to see happen!

Pink has written a couple of great films in his career, such as Grosse Pointe Blank and High Fidelity; as well as directing the comedies Hot Tub Time Machine and Accepted. He also just finished directing a film called Sexual Perversity In Chicago, an adaptation of the David Mamet play that was previously turned into the film About Last Night. He's will most likely end up directing  the movie Contractors, which follows "two out-of-work contractors who hit the jackpot getting hired to build the dream home of a billionaire. Only when they get there does one of the guys learn that the rich guy is going to marry one of his ex-girlfriends."

I guess there's a possibility of Pink directing this film as well, but as of right now no director is attached to it. Depp just wrapped up production on The Lone Ranger, and maybe he'll end up starring in this new film as well. I love the story of Don Quixote, and I hope this new film ends up being a great representation of the classic story. 

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