Ridley Scott To Adapt Cormac McCarthy's THE COUNSELOR

It looks like Ridley Scott has found another film to add on his to-do list. He's currently in talks to direct a film called The Counselor written by Cormac McCarthy (The Road, No Country for Old Men). If he ends up officially signing on to direct the movie it will be his next project.

Scott has been looking at several other projects to possibly take on after he has finished Prometheus. A couple of the projects he's been looking at is that Blade Runner sequel, as well as an historical epic centered around Gertrude Bell, the script for which is going through a rewrite by Jeffrey Caine (The Constant Gardener). He's also been looking at making Child 44 for Summit Entertainment. 

According to Deadline, the story is set in the southwest, and "is reminiscent of the rough and tumble world depicted in No Country For Old Men. The protagonist is a respected lawyer who thinks he can dip a toe into the drug business without getting sucked down. It is a bad decision, and he tries his best to survive it and get out of a desperate situation."

The film is being produced by Nick Wechsler and Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz (The Road) and here's what Schwartz had to say about the the script in a statement:

Since McCarthy himself wrote the script, we get his own muscular prose directly, with its sexual obsessions. It’s a masculine world into which, unusually, two women intrude to play leading roles. McCarthy’s wit and humor in the dialogue make the nightmare even scarier. This may be one of McCarthy’s most disturbing and powerful works.

This sounds like it could end up being a pretty intense movie, and Scott is the perfect director to bring this kind of story to life on the big screen. What are your thoughts?

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