Only One Man Can Trump Nolan's Batman Trilogy

Lately, geek circles have been dominated by talk about The Dark Knight Rises, and most, if not all, can agree that it will take a lot for the inevitable follow up to top Christopher Nolan's work. In truth, it would take a lot to continue to interest fans of the series in general.

It feels as though since its film debut in the 60's, the film industry has shown Batman from all possible angles. We've seen Adam West dance around all campy-like, Tim Burton's twisted view of Gotham, and Joel Schumacher...showing us that soundtracks can sometimes save a film?

The point is, we've seen a lot of interpretations of The Dark Knight, but there is still one we have yet to see on film. A veteran torn by age and driven to cynicism by the carelessness of society, this Bruce Wayne has lost hope in Gotham. He continues to defend it despite his failing condition in hopes of finding a true successor. His body is weak, but his suit and gadgets keep him strong. Who could play such a man?



If there was ever a time for Clint Eastwood to don the role of the "caped crusader," it would be now. Playing an aged Bruce Wayne may not be the role of a lifetime for the celebrated bad ass of the Western, but it would be a performance for fans to cherish for a lifetime.

Impossible? Fans already know there are two story lines in which an old Batman would work well...

Batman Beyond- This script was already in development prior to Batman Begins, so no doubt some groundwork has been laid out for the motion picture. I loved the animated series and the concept of an elderly Bruce Wayne mentoring the new Batman in a futuristic setting. The only problem I foresee with this idea is that Eastwood would have more of a supporting role in this film, and what good would that be when new technology can put him front and center?!

Which brings us to...

The Dark Knight Strikes Again- It sounds bad ass just saying it! The title alone of Frank Miller's epic graphic novel sounds like a continuation of the current trilogy! While still having to share the screen with a female youth (Catgirl, formerly Robin in Dark Knight Returns), Batman gets to take on a good amount of action on his own! Not to mention, there's a fair amount of cameos from other superheroes in this film, including a Superman/Batman showdown!

With Eastwood at work on another movie this year (Trouble With The Curb), it's safe to say that although he's slowed down, he's not shying away from acting roles. So the possibility of him being on board is still there.

A nerd pipedream? I hope not, as I believe if it is not done soon, Hollywood will have missed out on a golden opportunity. Do you agree? Disagree?

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