TRANSFORMERS 4 Coming in 2014

Paramount Pictures is ready to move forward on a fourth Transformers film and are already looking at unleashing the robot fury in 2014. Does this mean a deal has been finalized between the studio and Michael Bay? There's been no confirmation, but we know he's been in discussions with the studio. There's also no word on who would come back to star in the movie. After the third, both Bay and Shia Labeouf said they were walking away from it. We know that Bay is at least considering jumping back on board, but none of the other original actors have been named. 

I actually wouldn't mind seeing another director take on the franchise with a full new cast. Bay did a solid job with Dark of the Moon, but I think it would be nice to see the film and these robot characters through the eyes of a fresh new director who would be passionate about making it, because it seems Bay isn't really all that passionate about this franchise anymore. At this point he's only doing it for the paycheck. 

Would you like to see Bay come back to direct, or would you rather see a new director take on the franchise?

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