Zachary Levi to LET IT GO

Just because his long-running show Chuck ended, doesn't mean TV can keep Zachary Levi down! He has joined a new Fox show called Let It Go, with a pilot written by D.J. Nash, who hasn't had the greatest of television track records with short-lived series like Hank (with Kelsey Grammer), Accidentally on Purpose (with Jenna Elfman), and Traffic Light. Each only lasted for one season. The only successful show that Nash has been involved with is 'Til Death (with Brad Garrett), which lasted four seasons. 

The show's plotline has been kept under wraps for now. It will revolve around Levi as the husband in a married couple and will routinely feature Levi's character's sister and his best friend. Are you glad to see Zachary Levi back on TV? 

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